Effective sanitation is possibly the most important cleaning procedures in healthcare facilities. With a highly infectious population utilizing public spaces and high traffic areas such as restrooms, waiting rooms and exam offices, it's essential to keep all areas of your facility germ-free. We understand the importance that a sanitized facility plays in reducing germ transmission. We can provide your organization with the products and supplies neccessary to meet your high standards. From private practices to massive hospital systems, Olmsted-Kirk has everything you need to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for all your patients and staff.

  • ISSA (Cleaning Industry Association) Certified Representatives on Staff
  • Healthcare Industry Specific Expertise
  • Healthcare Facility Maintenance Solutions
  • Custom Cleaning Solutions to Reduce Health Impact Assessments (HIA's)
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Sales plus a Parts & Service Department
  • Courteous & Helpful Customer Service
  • Current Practice Assessments & Recommendations
  • Easy Ordering Online, by Phone, Email or Fax
  • Fully Stocked Inventory for Quick Delivery

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